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25K Mile update....

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Hey all,
It's been a while since I've posted, but thought since I just turned the 25K mile mark yesterday, I'd post up an update...
A little background:
2012 Cruze LTZ, All stock so far.
I have ran 44psi all the way around since last spring.
Full Synthetic oil, since 3K mile change (I change when the DIC goes to 20% now).
93 octane Shell since fill-up number 4; I've been thru 56 total fill-ups.
82% of fillups have been Shell 93 octane; 91% of those Shell fillups are off the same pump.
Average speed over the 25K is 37.6 mph (56% city driving).
Refused the front underpanel recall; I've mandated that the dealership clean up any spillage, I check under the hood before I leave.
The only repair I've had to have made was the little plastic anchor that secures the driver's side visor (near the center roof console) broke about 2 months ago.
Tires are wearing evenly; they are rotated at each oil change, which occurs about every 8400 miles on average.

Here's the complete fill-up history. It can clearly be seen that mileage increases significantly, as expected, in summer.
The second cold season was better than the first, probably because of break-in and the like.

I plan on installing the K&N SRI the first day I can get away from work and the's been in my garage since last summer.
Maybe get it done soon, then the 50K mile update would make a good comparison...

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Whats that app you are using? Look awesome hehe

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Whats that app you are using? Look awesome hehe

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It's the best one out there as far as I'm's "Road Trip HD".
The screenshot is from my iPad, but I also have it on my iPod Touch, and they do sync with each other thru Dropbox.
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