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You think that your getting the run around . The service tech in St.catharines for chevy , when under extended warranty even,,1000 bucks out the window...told me my DEF problem was caused by a small rodent selectively crawling into my DEF system and biting a wire, therefore my warranty does not cover,, but we can fix it for 440 bucks.No thanks NOT believing that B.S... Even a couple of sales reps laughed and walked away. I later went into my trunk,, lifted the floor cover and couldn't believe the amount of white crystals covering the senors on top of the DEF TANK. Dec 2015 purchase new,,,only 37000 Kms on it now, not miles,,,I'll update with pictures of what was in my Def compartment,,,And a better response from GM's corporate (we take care of you) Chevolet\Cares centre,,,if they reply! This is my second go at this so called fix. Comments are welcomed.
You realize that person posted twice on the same day in Nov 2016 and that's it? :unsure:

21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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