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So I think I’m starting to understand why I should’ve listened to the guys on the forum saying don’t waste your money building a Cruze. Hopefully somebody knowledgeable here can prove me wrong. I’m looking for links to the actual products period. If someone can find some things for my 2017 Cruze Lt 1.4 turbo I would greatly appreciate it. I’m looking for a direct fit on these items. big turbo, e85 flex fuel kit, catless downpipe and mid pipe, nos or meth kit, fueling components that can handle the e85, I’d really like to get more power out of this car I’m not worried about fuel economy at all. I didn’t buy my car for this purpose but that’s what it has become. I’m in too deep to want to sell it, quite frankly I’d rather blow it up first than give it away for pocket change I’m in too deep at this point. Thanks to anybody who has some positive words, or information pertaining to what I’m trying to accomplish. If you have negativity or reasons not to you can save it because I live that, don’t really care to hear it from anyone else. Not trying come off how it sounds but I’m just being blunt, and starting to get fed up with this build.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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