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Hi, so I believe I had the recall waterpump replaced early in my 2013 LS’s life. Then in Nov of 2018 my second water pump busted wide open. I got it replaced with a new oem. 13 months later in Dec 2019 this one started leaking too. It’s leaking only a few drops at a time, not enough to drip to the ground but enough to burn up and smell in the cabin.

I can’t afford to replace this **** thing every year, so you guys know a better quality water pump than what Chevy uses so I can replace it one last time and forget for life?

I’m also on my 4th reservoir.

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What engine do you have? When you say "LS", I'm thinking the 1.8, but I think the 1.4 was an option for it.

The 1.4 has water pump issues, but I wasn't aware of any for the 1.8.

One thing that could be a factor - GM used a lot of "torque to yield" bolts in the engine. If the old bolts are re-used, that can create a problem.
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