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4-Piston Brembo Brake Upgrade with 320mm Rotor

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Upgraded the brakes on my Verano swapped Cruze earlier this year and as the Verano shares those parts with the Diesel Cruze, I figured someone out there might benefit from this information and it might be easier to find than buried at the end of a thread last updated 2 years ago.

4 piston Brembos for an ATS-V (on install left and right are swapped)
2019 Lacrosse 321mm rotors
10mm wheel spacer to clear the 2018 Malibu "snowflake" wheels I have on the car.
The banjo bolts on my car were different than the new calipers and required replacing but I just ordered 2 for an ats-v from the parts store and they worked perfect with the stock lines that were on the car.
I installed longer wheel studs as the malibu wheels are fairly thick in the middle and with the 10mm spacer there wasn't much left to hold on to.

No other modification was needed, even reused the original caliper bolts, could have gotten away with stock studs with different wheels.

The lacrosse rotor is off center from the caliper by about 1mm but causes no interference or issues with brake performance.
I used lacrosse backing plates as well and though they fit the diameter of the rotor they did need to be trimmed to fit the caliper.
You have to remove the wheel bearing to swap that out so I wouldn't bother if you don't need to change studs, just cut the outer lip off the stock backing plate.

Not sure how many miles I've put on the car so far with the new brakes, but I definitely prefer the new setup on the 100-40 decel as compared to the stock brakes.
Pedal feel is a bit hard to describe but not in a bad way, also planning on braided lines at some point.

EDIT: After MP81 brought it up, I realized I forgot to mention the stock Diesel 17" wheels will fit but they will require spacers, probably 1/2" to clear.

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Turned out the upgrade saved me some money later as well. Recently, as I was getting ready to sell the Diesel, I found the rotors were trash and I was able to just use the rotors and pads that came off the swap car.

Not sure where to put this post so I figured under Diesel-General was good enough and a mod can relocate it later if its not.
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Fantastic! I'd be very curious (and skeptical) if these would fit under the stock 17s, though I do know that the ATS was available with Brembos and 17s (I went through a number of fitment permutations when trying to find wheels for my brother's '18 Regal GS for winter that weren't 19s - the ATS 17s wouldn't clear his Brembos), but man would that be killer.

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Stock Diesel 17's fit.
Clearance from the inside of the spokes to the caliper is an issue but otherwise they fit just fine.
I think I've got 15-16mm of spacer to make the 17's clear but as its another spacer stacked on top of the 10mm I don't intend to drive it like that.
A one-piece half inch spacer would probably be a better way to go to run that setup long term, If you trust it.
When I sold my Diesel I kept the stock 17's from it specifically because their shape required much less spacer to fit over the Brembos than the 17" Equinox five spokes I was previously using as storage wheels for the swap car.

Wasn't thinking of it at the time but it probably would have been a good idea to mention this in the original post. It's there now, will add pic later.

I've edited this for clarity more than once, sorry

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In Australia the 1.6T shares the diesel brakes and stud pattern, I actually have switched my 17x7 wheels to the 18x8 wheels of the SRI-V 1.6T. I replaced the original rotors for grooved and dimpled ones 8 years ago and have never looked back. My 2012 diesel is 10 years old now and I have never been let down by it. The blue car is my daughter's 2015 1.6T SRI-V hatchback.
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