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I just received the Chevrolet New Roads magazine. In the magazine is a test drive offer for a $50 gift card using a program code and offer code provided to the participant.

The dealer logs into for the application. Is there anyone out there that's familiar with this offer or gmglobalconnect? What information can I ask for from the dealership to confirm that this offer was truly activated by dealer personnel? I've already driven a GEN 2, and I'm not certain I want to give a dealer any more time, without confirmation that the reward will be processed.

The name of the dealer that I purchased the car at is on the offer. I assume this offer would be accepted at any GM shop? Or is this a promotion that comes out of a local dealers pocket vs. GM? It doesn't appear to say only good at named dealer.

This appears to be different than the e-mail test drive offers from or whatever it is. Different validation strategy.
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