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Great writeup. If im not mistaken you put on 50k miles in 9 months which is about 5,500 miles per month. I would say that is a fair amount of miles for you to get an idea about the long term reliability of your particular cruze. If you havent had many repairs or issues I would assume the cruze you drive is working as intended and could end up lasting you a lifetime if you choose to keep it.

Im curious about your maintenance habbits. Do you have a list of all the repairs and or maintenance ? Are you keeping up with suggestions on this forum regarding replacing the fluids and other maintenance parts ? Or are you sort of using your own personal experience and guidelines as a longtime car owner and diy guy. Remember while approaching 100k its time to start thinking about replacing that very important timing belt.

I hope you decide to keep your cruze and put on another couple hundred thousand miles it will be interesting to see the results from a high mileage diesel.
1 - 1 of 62 Posts
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