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Yes, I quoted myself. I shouldn't have posted what I did bragging on my TDI because it developed a massive oil leak somewhere at the cooler/filter assembly and I may have killed the car. It's a long story I can tell if people want to hear it because it may apply to the Cruze but I'm still sorting out what exactly has happened. I didn't get the oil light/buzzer but it was pretty low on oil when I got to work and had been leaving a trail for a while.

The point of this post is to be sure you always check your oil and don't rely on the garage floor to tell you if something is going south. The TDI and the Cruze both have belly pans and they will hold a lot of oil before you start seeing something on the garage floor to tell you there is a problem.
Taking oil pressure gauges out of vehicles was a stupid idea. I've blown out cam seals multiple times on my old car, with no warning or oil pressure light from the car at all. It dumped out 2-3 qts of oil in about as many miles...luckily, has a 6-qt sump.

Even that, with no belly pan, could develop a leak from something that would just pool on the turbo/exhaust, but never show up on the ground for days. Your only hint would be a burning oil smell.
1 - 4 of 62 Posts
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