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5th Annual CruzeTalk Lordstown Meet & Tour 2017

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5th Annual CruzeTalk Lordstown Meet & Tour 2017

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I recommend joining our facebook event to engage in additional discussions. GM News details can be found in the image attached to this post.

Date and Time
May 19th, 2017

Warren, OH at the General Motors Lordstown Assembly Plant

Age Limit
Age limit to enter the plant will be at least 10 years old.

What to Bring

  • Money for Food the night before the meet, the night of the meet, and if you are staying, the night after the meet
  • Cash for tolls. Some of the driving to the plant will likely be on the turnpike, so bring some extra cash for that.
  • Money for a car wash. It's a car meet; you'll want those bugs off your front end and your car looking presentable.
  • Comfortable, flat-bottomed, closed-toed shoes.
  • A printed map from the hotel to the Lordstown plant, a GPS, or a GPS-enabled smartphone.
  • My phone number in your phone. I will send this out in a mass e-mail before the meet.
  • Cash for food vendors at the auto show.

Planned Attendees from CruzeTalk Facebook: 89
Planned Attendees from 49
Duplicates: 17
Total Attendees: 121
CT MemberPlus
Blasirl (Saturday Only)1

Chat Groups
2017 Lordstown Chat Information

Hotel Accommodations

Group Activities

Rules and Disclaimers
Since there are more people going than there were last year, this section has become necessary. Consider this the "fine print." This will probably not apply to anyone, but I'm including it to cover my ass.

  1. We are adults, so at the meet, act like an adult. This wasn't a problem last year, but I feel that it is worth mentioning. Do not pick a fight with someone, do not pull a stupid stunt that gets you and/or someone else in trouble, etc. Use some sense and it will be an awesome meet.
  2. The CruzeTalk staff reserves the right to remove you from the list. Since we will likely have a limited number of slots due to tour size limitations (we split up the group in two last time even), do not be that guy who shows up uninvited. If you are banned from CruzeTalk, you aren't getting a slot. If were banned or received an infraction in the last 3 months, you may not be given a slot. I don't expect this to be a problem, but it is worth mentioning nonetheless.
  3. When we travel from the hotel to the plant and anywhere else we go as a group, please don't be "that guy" who gets himself lost by going the wrong way. Do not try to race on the highway, do not get "out of formation" unless you are a designated photographer. I'm not trying to be a hard ass here, but with a group of 40 cars, it will all be a lot easier if we all stick together, and the pictures and videos will turn out a lot better if we all stick to the same formation. While traveling, we will have our hazard lights on so we know where we are. We will designate one driver up front and one driver in the back, who will be communicating to make sure we have everyone together.
  4. Slots are first come, first serve. You will be required to respond to roll calls in a timely fashion to keep your slot. Due to the high interest in this meet, we will most likely not have any reserve slots available.

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Schedule of Events & Extra Activities

Planned schedule as it pertains to the Lordstown plant and sponsoring UAW 1112 (we will have other activities on our own afterward) is as follows:

Thursday - Members arriving
8:00 PM: Dinner at Ice House Inn - 5516 W Webb Rd, Austintown, OH 44515

Friday - Lordstown Tour
- SAFETY NOTICE: Closed toes shoes are required. All other protective equipment will be provided. No children under the age of 10. Tour lasts 45 minutes and consists of walking in plant where the warm weather affects inside temperatures. People with heart and respiratory problems should use caution.

7:00 AM: Arrive at Ice House Inn - 5516 W Webb Rd, Austintown, OH 44515
7:00-8:00 AM: Name tags, meet & greet
8:00 AM: Depart from Ice House Inn
8:30 AM: Arrival at Lordstown Assembly Plant


?:??: Hang out at Lordstown Parks Department park (6001 Tod Ave SW, Warren, OH 44481) after tours.

5:00 PM : Dinner at: Suzie's Dogs and Drafts, 1393 Boardman-Canfield Rd, Boardman, OH 44512
6:30 PM: Drag racing at Quaker City Motorsports Park, 10225 W South Range Rd, Salem, OH 44460

9:30 AM: Shooting day at A&A Shooting Club, 12006 Fenstermaker Rd, Garrettsville, OH 44231
5:30 PM: Bowling at Champion Lanes, 200 Cleveland Ave W, Warren, OH 44483

Extra Events
- Shooting Range
- Drag Racing
- Drive-In Theater

Refer to the Extra Activities thread for details:

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Volunteers Needed

This post will keep track of links to other events, in addition to points of contact.

I have volunteers for the following:

- BrandoFisher117 Contact the GM social media team and see if any of them would like to come out for this event.
- BrandoFisher117 Need someone to set up that group chat app again like last year
- BrandoFisher117 Need someone to put together administrative items: clipboard, pen, name badges (blank ones we can fill out)
- Reychel Nicko: Need someone to call Suzie's Dogs and Drafts in Boardman to see if they can accommodate a group of about 40 people on Friday.
- jblackburn & BrandoFisher117 Need one more convoy leader (I'd prefer this be someone that was there last year)
- Vincent Wasney Need someone to bring a long string that we can stretch across to to line up cars evenly for photos. Figure a good 50-60 cars will need lining up so calculate length accordingly.
- Sparkman Call the local Police Department to arrange for police escort to the plants on both days, during the specified times. We will be going from the Ice House Inn to the plant.
- Sparkman Call Ice House Inn to courteously ask for permission to use their parking lot on the two mornings listed in the post above.

I still need volunteers for the following:

- Need more photographers with decent cameras
- BrandoFisher117 Need two people to direct traffic when lining up cars for photos (need one more!)
- Call local news media crews to tell them where we will be if they want to come out an interview people.

Let me know if you want to do any of these things.

Meet Organizer: XtremeRevolution, Brandofisher117, Sparkman, jblackburn
Convoy Leaders: BrandoFisher117, jblackburn
Photographers: jblackburn

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Respond to this thread stating if you are planning on attending. I know many people are interested, but I don't want to put people down who may not actually show up. If you know you'll probably not make it or are not sure if you can take the day off, please make plans ahead of time. If you are coming, reply to this thread including who else will be accompanying you.

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Since this meet is huge and we have people that will come from far away, here's a list of things you should start saving your pennies for so you can make it for sure:

- Hotel. Plan to arrive on Thursday night and leave on Saturday. That means you will need to book 2 nights. At the moment, the rates for the following hotels are:
- Best Western Austintown: $99 a night
- Comfort Inn: $90 a night
- Motel 6 Youngstown: $49 a night (additional $5 for 2 adults). Use coupon code CP542764 for an extra 10% off.
- Including taxes, expect to spend anywhere between $130 and $350 on hotels, depending on which you choose to stay at. We spent $172 for 3 nights at the Motel 6 after taxes.
- Food. You will need to eat on your way there, on your way home (depending on how far). We will have dinner on Friday as a group, which will cost between $15 and $25 depending on what you order and drink. I'm not sure yet if lunch is being provided for Friday.
- Gas. This is a given, but some of you are coming from farther away.
- Tolls. Some of you are driving down the turnpike. Check the rates online so you know how much cash to bring.

I would recommend budgeting anywhere from $350 to $500 for this trip depending on distance.

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I'm interested. Need to see if it will be a plus 1 or solo. I've got a week long tour of New England planned in June so I also have to check with my boss.

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After reading this I told the wife I will be away May 19 -20. She'll be at work all day both days anyway. As of right now plan on being there most likely solo. but None the less!!!! and no legal "PATMAN" license plates on my car but they will be with me! What time on Friday plan on taking day off work and I will be home alone so I can volunteer also. Need to know when to be there.

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I m planning on it +1
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