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60 for 50

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After all these miles... on snow tires... with winter fuel....

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Congrats Diesel on over 60 mpg. My 50 mile best is 57 something and my engine isn't even close to broken in yet. My observations so far is warmer weather seems to help the fuel econ a lot. I am just amazed at the distance I can drive on a full tank of fuel, this weekend I drove to Chicago and back, had 521 miles and used 11.25 gal of fuel and was just at 1/2 on the gauge and I could have gone way over 800 miles no problem, probably many more. I love the car, my only issue is the seats. I see myself driving this car a lot and enjoying it.

Oh and at 1.59 a gallon and $18 to fill that was like 3.45 cents/mile which is incredible.
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