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6G1/KL3 F18d4 differences

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Hi, new to the forum;

I'm trying to find out the differences in the F18d4 motor. I have a KL3 2010 Cruze and the head is cracked (among other things). I've bought a F18d4 motor from a wreckers but noticed it doesn't have the oil level sensor hole in the oil pan.

This reminded me that I was told they were different engines from the KL3 and 6G1; called the wreckers back, sure enough a 2012 6G1. My bad!

Having looked at the motors side by side (one still in the car) they appear the same (besides the oil pan and the replacement motor being a manual).

Can anyone clear up whether it's going to fit? The wreckers said they're different but I can't see why; I can either swap the pans and the sensor, or the bridge/disconnect the sensor as all they do is leak anyway.

I'm going to disconnect the sensor on the running motor at weekend to see if there's a wiring fix around it, as it's not a necessity as long as the motor sees the signal for the oil level.


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