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So about 2 months ago my tranny decide to fuse some internals together. Could not get it into neutral, thing was locked right up. So into reliable 1992 Toyota 4runner for next 2 months. I luckily have a friend that works in the auto industry and there shop is GM certified, can get hardware with a VIN. So we get one ordered in, $2900. Yay, my car is 15,000km over warranty.

Tranny comes in, and we drop subframe, tranny out in 1.5hrs. Get new one in, fill it up. About 5hrs total to have it back on its wheels. Problem was the fantastic ECM and TCM not communicating. The laws of insanity were proven wrong on this one. You know that saying, if you try the same thing expecting different results, thats insanity. Well on try number 7 because my friend knows GM electronics the stupid thing decides to take. I feel sorry for ANY GM tech out there, ridiculous!

The new tranny is FAR superior to the old one. Shift points are where they SHOULD have been from day 1 on the old one. And another thing I found interesting, the shimmy that all cruze owners experience in 2nd gear and are told that its suspension and no fix... Its gone. The god **** shimmy that I had in my car since day 1 ended up being the TRANNY!! Pissed customer that will never buy a GM again.
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