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71K mile update

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So after driving my 2018 diesel 6 speed for 71K miles I think that the drive axles are starting to show wear. The car is dead quiet while driving along, but as soon as I start to turn I hear (and kinda feel) a metal friction noise. It could be nothing, But I would not be suprised to hear a front end clicking noise while turning sometime this summer. Then it will be time to replace the axles. I am planning on new belt and maybe a water pump this summer as well.

Other than that the car has been great, No major issues. All oil changes have been done, New tires, New air filter, New cabin filter, and 1 broken TPMS sensor.

If you need to keep the best MPG, really look at your tires when you need some. I got 60K out of the OEM tires and put on some cheap Sentury touring tires about 10K miles ago and have not been able to get back to the high 50's MPG on my commute.
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I mean, sound is perceptive by the individual hearing it. Mechanical movement is going to make sound, but knowing what’s normal and not isn’t always easy. For instance, I can turn my wheels from left to right at a stop and hear a faint whining sound and the sound of tires moving on the pavement. As well as (faint) lash between the gears and joints within the steering assembly. Totally normal. A hair, less even. But noticeable, perceivable.

On the other hand, I watched a 99 Ford Taurus rage out in a mall parking lot a few weeks ago and absolutely rip it in reverse with wheels full lock to go around someone. Those axles were POPPIN AND KNOCKIN and boy was that trans screaming in reverse.

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