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Hey all,

looking to give some extra life to my 14 eco with a radio upgrade. I like the look and size of these "tesla style" radio upgrades but the main goal of this upgrade is to get android auto. I do not want to have to hot spot my phone to the radio for it to get internet and access google maps. This is because my phone plan does not do hot spot without an extra charge.

I was wondering if anyone knows of one of these tesla style radios with android auto built in? Some of the other common ones that pop up don't seem to have android auto or it is unclear if they do. My other big requirements are that the stock steering wheel controls work, the stock backup camera can be wired in, and ideally that the stock aircon controls continue to function. Will any of these radios check those boxes?

Rhino radios seems to claim the newer version they sell has android auto, anyone have experience with this one:

1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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