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Use 93 Octane Or Not?

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93 Octane? The debate continues...

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I have been reading all of the internet, mostly on this forum, over the debate of filling up the Cruze with the highest octane fuel. I have had my 2012 Cruze LS 1.8L since December of 2011. Until the last two times I have filled up(past 3 years), I have used regular gasoline. But recently, I was told I need a fuel injection cleaning and told that if I simply put in a bottle of fuel cleaner as well as use Shell V-Power, that would do the trick.

I did do that and the two times I have done it, I have noticed much better performance out of my car. Not only better performance, but better millage too. I did read in the Cruze manual and it states about using at least regular unleaded fuel (87 Octane level). But the manual states you can use higher octane if you wish.

Everyone I have spoke to about this thinks, "it's a bad idea", "it's not good for your engine". Both people who know cars and others that have just had more experience with cars.

I don't see what can be the downside to using higher octane gas in the Cruze.

What are your thoughts? I am stuck with what to believe.
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1.8 - does the car feel or perform better with 93 octane over 89? If so, use it. If not, then don't.

The 1.4 definitely responds better in summer temps with higher octane, but there is no difference in the cold.

Our other (non-turbo) car does not respond any better switching from 89 to 93, so there is absolutely no point. It does, however, pull timing and feel sluggish to a small extent on 87 octane. If your Cruze responds in the same way to increased octane, it too has a high-octane fuel map that will allow it to run to its full potential without knock.
The funny part is the post is just below my post.
Hah, I see what you did there
Yep. I'll see if 93 runs in the LS better than the 87 she is using but I doubt she is even using top tier. My next tank to NJ I'll try out costco by Golden Gate. That gas isn't sitting long at those prices usually.
Both of ours cars have gotten several of their worst MPG tanks on Costco gas. The Cruze hates even their 93.
1 - 3 of 48 Posts
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