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A/C clutch sometimes won't engage

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2014 Cruze LS 1.8L with 182k miles
This is my first A/C problem. It blows cold until I restart the car during daytime temps, then the compressor won't engage. Freon pressure is in range w/ compressor running, but is well within the red (high) if not running.
Any ideas as to the cause?
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Check fuse 62 in the under hood fuse box. My '13 with 1.4 was doing this and I noticed I had a blown fuse. I kept an eye on it and noticed I was only getting an intermittent power connection to fuse. I pulled fuse box and had a bad wire under fuse box. You also may have a bad wire on one of your clutch wires or hopefully just need a blast of Freon.
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