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A/C Turned off due to high engine temp / Engine overheating

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I have a 2012 1LT Chevy Cruze, 1.4L, about 34,000 miles on it.

I think for about the past month if not a little longer the fan will turn on really high for about a minute or two and then turn off as soon after I start driving (no matter what time of day it is). Thought it was pretty strange but didn't think too much of it since it's summer and its been really hot out in California.

In the past week I've had the "A/C turned off due to high engine temperature" message pop up if the meter passes the middle even just a little bit (which usually happens as soon as I start driving) and just today on my way to work at 4am after driving about 10 minutes the "Engine over heating, idle engine" message popped up with the meter all the way to H. I pulled over and let it cool down and then got to work fine. I'm constantly checking the temperature and it usually gets pretty high within 5 minutes of driving. Haven't checked the coolant, will check when I get home.

I haven't had too many issues with this cruze since I bought it aside from typical recalls. Definitely past the 5 year warranty. I scheduled an appointment with Chevrolet for tomorrow morning but since I just got this engine overheating message, I'm wondering if I should try and just bring it now??

Just hoping the fix wont be too pricey.

Apologies if I posted this in the wrong section~
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Do that immediately. Should have been the first thing you did when the fan started screaming.

The tank is likely bone dry.
Just checked it right now. Bare with me here, I literally dont know anything about cars xD. But this is considered way too low right?
Think I'll be okay to at least drive 15 minutes to my house?

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Yes, it's empty. Top off with distilled water if you can pick some up close by. If there's an auto parts store close by, pick up a 50/50 mix of Dexcool antifreeze and top off that tank, let it idle for ~10 minutes with the cap off, and top off anything that it drinks down.

These cars are prone to coolant leaks in quite a few areas. There's an extended coverage out for the water pump, which is, unfortunately, quite common. You may find the connection from that coolant tank over to the junction @ the right side of the engine leaking as well.

Driving the car in an overheating condition can cause serious and expensive damage (head gasket/warped head).
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