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How about a Cadillac based Cruze that is already here.

About 5 inches longer than the Cruze I got with one more inch of rear seat floor space. Seats were a bit more comfortable, but not for 40K bucks more. A lot more HP, but for that, had to pay an extra stiff price for very poor fuel economy. No thanks.

1976 was the last year a Cadillac was a Cadillac, since then was a Chevy with a Cadillac emblem on it. Ha, use to say you were paying for that emblem, really paying for it now. Still a short wheelbase, but tried to improve the suspension that really made it extremely expensive to repair, with really not that much improvement.

Ha, use to be like Elvis, loved those 50's Cadillacs, and were only a couple of thousand bucks more for one heck of a car, but sure were getting your money's worth. More for the history books.
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