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A 2 door coupe would be great to see love the green version. I believe GM is leaving the SS emblems for High Performance cars only that have V-8s in them. I asked my Salesman who has been with GM for so many yrs and he said that they need to get away from installing the SS emblems on smaller cars and to stop it also on there SUVs which was a mistake. They had a meeting about this early this year and they will place the SS on a few models only. There were Camaro SS and Impala SS however they said they made a mistake when they added it to the Cobalt version which will never happen again time will tell.:)
The Cobalt SS with the turbo was VERY worthy of the badge, and I hear the Supercharged SS was as well. Problem is they built normal aspirated Cobalt SS models that should have been badged RS.
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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