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I keep the pressure at 40-42.

I don't know about my luck, but the last time I had a flat was 10 years ago. I've been driving almost daily since 1986, and I can count the number of flats I've had on one hand, with a finger to spare. And some of tires were junky, worn out tires. The issue is not whether the Fuel Max tires are good or bad, it's whether they are robust enough to compensate for the fact that if you do get a flat, there's a high probability that the GM sealant simply won't work, which means you're officially stranded. Those odds are not good enough.

In my case, I was stranded on a busy freeway for two hours the first time, and 4 hours the second time. This is real safety issue if you get stuck in a bad area. I could have been robbed or worse while I was sitting on the freeway for four hours.

If the GM's strategy was truly a good idea, all cars would have this, including the new diesel Cruze. But they don't for a reason.

I didn't come here to debate the issue, only to share, and hopefully for some elses benefit.

I was certainly of the mind that this was an acceptable trade-off for me. Two expensive, potentially dangerous strandings in one year has made that risk unacceptable. So, I'll get a spacesaver, a jack, and a wrench, and haul that mess around in my trunk.

But, GM can go eff themselves after this.
i dont want to debate this

debates this
1 - 3 of 20 Posts
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