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Sorry to hear about your flats @beaurrr. That plain sucks.

When I flew to Texas to buy my CTD I was floored to learn it didn’t have a spare. It was a big deal to me but I figured there was a solution. Thank goodness folks here already did the homework.

One of the the first things I did was get the and jack kit.

The OEM fix a flat flat solution is a joke and I’m not always in a cell phone area. Even if I was it would take AAA an hour or more to reach me.

Sit on the side of the road in 120 degree heat or lose a little trunk space and carry around a donut spare...I choose the latter.

Look for the Verano donut spare on eBay, it’s a great solution. Don’t forget the jack kit and lug wrench.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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