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Hi everybody
This Astra J is my 1st-ever GM car, out of 38. It was given to me with a blown engine, so I opened it up, burnt No.2 piston and exh valve.... so, in went new pistons & bigends, std all, all 16 valves & stem seals, front crank seal (didn't remove the engine from the car), new cam cover as I'd heard the valve conks in and this car was smoking really bad, exhaust was flooded with oil and the engine bay was a mess. So, after I put in a new battery I cranked it up and it started ok but ran rough, so I fiddled around a bit, downloaded a 76few photos of the timing tool and set the vanos discs as near as I can and it runs beautifully, quiet, starts a tick of the key..... but just no power!
Before you say anything, I bought a timing tool kit online..... 2 months ago and still waiting!!!! Grrrrrr.... I know the timing is more than 90% close, even when it was way out and the engine cut out often but started easy enough, it still had this lack of power, oh yes... the previous owner had a new turbo fitted just before the motor blew so I've checked it and it's fine. It actually feels as if I have left a wiring connector off someplace dark and secret. I have tried litening for air leaks, can't hear any. Any ideas?
90% close isn't good enough. That's 36 degrees off! You absolutely need a timing tool set to time the engine correctly.

The VVT can't adjust for bad mechanical timing.
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