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I agree 100% (lol). When I daid 90%, it's actually barely 1 or 2 deg out. Even so, I can hear the turbo but it doesn't register as power on the road, as if there's no turbo fitted. I suspect something else like the throttle body, the engine light is on..... but yes, I omow, with the timing not 100% it will theow out error codes all over the place. Problem is, I'm way up on the Namibia birder where the Orang river enters the Atlantic, it takes time to get stuff here and I need to travel long distance from the 16th..... eish!
If you can hear the turbo, but you don't feel an increase in torque, you probably have a boost leak. Had this happen on my GTI a few weeks ago, charge pipe popped off my FMIC, and it was suddenly driving like a NA car with a lot of whooshing.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts