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Fuel economy follies: Cheatin' or mistaken?

Automotive journalists have been hearing a consistent message from Korean automakers Hyundai and Kia: their attributes top the competition. Over the last few years, they have claimed superiority for most of their products in nearly every measure that matters, from power and torque to interior and cargo capacity to, most importantly, fuel economy....
There's some interesting info in there about the coast-down test specifically...
And while the EPA audits automakers' test procedures and runs emissions/fuel-economy tests (on a small percentage of vehicles) in its own Ann Arbor, MI dynamometer lab to validate their results, with no suitable facility to run their own coast-down tests, they have had to accept automakers' road-load power numbers as submitted.
One guy on another forum I'm on is crying foul over some of Ford's high EPA numbers for vehicles like the 47/47/47 mpg '13 Fusion Hybrid. That's another story that I don't have time to discuss right now.

At this point, it's unclear whether Ford did an extra good job of optimizing for the EPA test and the numbers are actually accurate OR whether Ford is cheating or had a procedural error.
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