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One reason I read why they got rid of the AT dipstick is because people won't be able to pour windshield wiper fluid in there, this was from a marketing guy.

I got news for you, still can pour windshield wiper fluid in your AT, but sure ain't as easy. Can also pour windshield wiper fluid in your gas or oil hole. Did run across people that poured windshield wiper fluid in the oil filler hole. Kind of wrecked their engines.

One thing marketing has in common with some people, both are kind of stupid.
My thoughts

Consider that the line between accidental and deliberate is very fine.

Imagine how often GM got stuck with the bill of other peoples mistakes.

I can not wait for the day that the drivers blames the accident on failures of park assist, blindspot detection, cameras, etc...

At one time you paid dearly for your mistakes, and you learned from it or other peoples mistakes. Maybe one caused enough damage to be metaphorically culled from the herd, or your activities were limited, making the rest of the world a safer place.

So in that case, in the name of general safety, we are deliberately engineering systems to enable stupid people to live longer, spend less and not make or take responsibility for inane actions.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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