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Hey guys, I have a 2012 Cruze LTZ (gas) with 112k miles. I really haven't taken it in to the dealer very often. It has some recall work done that fixed one issue I had, and then I had a small leak that was cheap to fix right after my 100k warranty was up. Other than that nothing is done except oil changes and some air filter changes. I'm about to get new tires, detailing, and I'm going to get it up to date on all maintenance. The service manual suggests:

Inspect evaporate control system
Replace timing belt
Drain, flush, and refill engine cooling system
Change auto transmission fluid, filter if equipped (is it equipped?)
Replace spark plugs and wires

and I'm going to need to have my alignment checked out also as my 4th tire is a different age than the other 3 and it might be off slightly.
I've driven it in harsh conditions, snow, mud, dusty dirt roads, etc. so any other things you would recommend would be great.

My main question is... which of these should be done at the dealership, and which at an independent shop?
I want this thing to run smoothly for 5 more years 100k more miles so I'm thinking I save money by doing the basic stuff at a small shop and take it to the dealer for the big stuff and they would spot any mistakes made by the smaller shop.

Any ideas? What is this going to cost me?

No timing belt.....1.8 only so nothing required on your 1.4.
No plug don't have any.
No trans filter maint. would have to disassemble the unit to get to it.....this is a 'life of trans' filter.
Inspect evap system....No.....if there is a problem a SES light will set.

Coolant change? Yes.
Trans drain and fill (avoid flushing) Yes.
Consider flush/fill brake fluid.......these newer cars with lots of aluminum brake parts are easily damaged by moisture laden old fluid.

DO NOT use the phrase 'Tune Up'.........otherwise your wallet will get 'tuned up'.......

You only want the specific services I just put Yes next to.

Play your cards well and you should come out in the $300.00 or less not buy any services from a service menu (the signboard over the service writers head).....those are price inflated, nothing being done services....known as a wallet flush....beware!


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For sure it is time for careful pad thickness determination.......the occasional squeak is the nature of disc brakes but you do have a lot of miles.
Clearly though, you are on the highway a lot, explaining long brake life.......It would be a good idea to clean and lube the caliper slides and locating pins just so they don't start binding.

Serp belt is a very good idea and shame on me for overlooking it........100k.......? it has served you well.
I am assuming you have exchanged the cabin filter at least once and am reasonably confident it is time for another.......this is a simple job that a dealer will take advantage of you to replace, so...........and yes, I see you replaced the engine air filter once.....I think it is time again.

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