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AC clutch not engaging

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2014 LTZ, 104k miles

My AC is not working when I got back after a trip. I can see that the clutch isn't spinning when the AC button is turned on.

Here's where I am at:
Fuses 62, 54, and 17(interior) look good on the multimeter, Relay clicks when given voltage
Switched Relay 1 and 4, no difference.
I can spin the clutch and it feels solid.
The outside temperature reading on the infotainment screen is correct.

Before going on the trip, it felt like the AC as slowly loosing how cold it could get and I would hear a squeak when I turned on the AC, then it'd stop when turned off. I read how AC's might not engage/turn-on if refrigerant is too low. Do I need to give it a little recharge to get it going?
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts