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ac compressor 2010 cruze is same with 2011/2012/2013 ac compressor?

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Hello, Im moon. I owned 2010 cruze 1.8 LT 66000km, from Bahrain(middle east) ,Driver on left side. Start using my brand new car on febuary 2011.

1) I want to ask, AC compressor for 2010 cruze is it same with 2011/2012/2013 cruze model ?

2) I have problem which is sometimes my ac is not cold, with full blower and lowest tempt. the weather in here is hot 40 Celsius above(summer). BUt yesterday I changed the ac cabin filter. i put blow at 4 its cold and air come out is strong like full blast. im happy about it. What im afraid now maybe my ac compressor will gone soon.

3) can I used 2011/2012/2013 ac compressor on my 2010 cruze model?

Thanks in advance.
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Don't Know moon! We only have 2011's and up here!
Maybe you just have to have your AC refrigerant recharged? not really sure if that kind of service is available in your country.
Had mine recharged at around 55,0000kms when the I had a valve leak at the low pressure line.

As for whether you can use ac compressor for 2011 models-up, am not really sure.
Most probably, one from a 2011 will work but I am just guessing here.

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