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Hello, Im moon. I owned 2010 cruze 1.8 LT 66000km, from Bahrain(middle east) ,Driver on left side. Start using my brand new car on febuary 2011.

1) I want to ask, AC compressor for 2010 cruze is it same with 2011/2012/2013 cruze model ?

2) I have problem which is sometimes my ac is not cold, with full blower and lowest tempt. the weather in here is hot 40 Celsius above(summer). BUt yesterday I changed the ac cabin filter. i put blow at 4 its cold and air come out is strong like full blast. im happy about it. What im afraid now maybe my ac compressor will gone soon.

3) can I used 2011/2012/2013 ac compressor on my 2010 cruze model?

Thanks in advance.
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