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So the other day coming home my 2011 cruze idiled funny for a quick second and then popped the engine code. Thinking it was another dipstick pop i pulled over and looked. Nothing poped out or seemed like it was bad.

So i got on the road and continued no more rough idleing for the rest of thr trip home. Next day im driving to see if it does it again. But this time no rough idle but it lags like theres no connection between the trans and the engine. It will be in gear 3rd or 4th and accelerate but then stop and i have to put the clutch in and back out to get power again. So its going to the dealee tonight for its oil change and to get this issue looked at.

Anyone seen anything like this?

Car info
2011 cruze eco with 152k 6 speed
Your dipstick is popping out? That sounds like a blown PCV Valve to me, on top of whatever is going on with your transmission/clutch.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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