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So what happens if you lose your cell phone or it breaks when you to into your cell phone dealer to get another phone? He can sell you a new one, but as far as your contacts, you have to program those in one by one. If you do have a working phone, has special dedicated equipment to transfer your information into the new phone.

Most phone companies offer you the option of storing your contacts with them, depending on your plan, if not in your plan, have to pay extra for that.

If you change cell phone companies that may or may not have the equipment to transfer those contact names and phone numbers. They may all look the same to you, but each has its own operating system, no such standards exist. So you have to insert your names and numbers one by one.

So how can the designers of the Cruze radio handle all these different standards, its not their fault, no such standards exist. But they did give you the option of inserting each name and number, one by one.

We use to have standards in this country, took the IHFM eleven years to approve of that new RCA 45 RPM record with the big hole in it. IHFM doesn't even exist anymore.

Just like asking, why can't you play a CD on your 8-track player, may as well ask, why can't you transfer your contact information into your Cruze radio. Seems like today, every five minutes a new format comes into existence. No such thing as standards anymore, enough to drive a guy insane.

But at least with your Cruze radio, can program in your contacts one by one.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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