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Hi all,

First of all this is for a 2013 Chevy Cruze LT 1.4l Turbo.

First post here and long-time lurker.

My dad offered to help me change my transmission fluid and it wasn't the easiest process. We couldn't figure out why fluid was dripping out the side "overflow" transmission hole so early. Anyways I did some searching online and found that you need to have the vehicle running on Park while jacked up and level. So he lifts the vehicle again, adds around 0.5 quarts to the vehicle to equal the correct amount taken out of. Anyway here is where the damage happened. As he's putting on the tire and struggling with it he causes the lift to sway. He's using some cheaper lift that doesn't have a lot of horizontal support.... I wasn't thinking about it at the time that this might be a problem. The first time we lifted we used tire chalks but the second time they weren't placed.

Anyways long story short the car shifts and falls off the jack and the FRONT DRIVER SIDE bumper pops out in various places around the headlight and body. We jack the vehicle back up and manage to push most of the bumper back into place and it looks find except for the end piece by the tire.

There is a small plastic "end piece" piece that keeps a corner of the bumper flush with the other body. There is also a loud creaking sound that can be heard if I press around the driver side headlight where the bumper attaches to if I press down on it. Needless to say it looks like the bumper needs to be replaced at some point.

Has anyone ever been in a similar situation? This is the first time I've had body damage, despite it being minor it does bother me and I want it fixed. I look online and it appears the bumper is relatively cheap to replace but I need to get it matched to my vehicles paint job.

I just hope it isn't anything else besides the bumper and both of us feel pretty stupid for the way it happened. I guess lesson learned always double check each other to make sure nothing bad will happen with lifting a vehicle.
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