I havea set of 4 injectors, 60 lb injectors that I took off of a car that I've been running for a little bit. I had to get rid of the car but the injectors are less than a year old and I was using them to run e85. The injectors work fine and running 85. I had no problem, but if you're not set up for injectors of this size you will need to be tuned or have your calibration in some way modified for e85 and the injectors. If you know what you're looking for then you already know why you're looking at this ad and you can buy the injectors of course. But if you're looking to go to e85 and you need bigger injectors, I also tune vehicles specifically GM and I can set your vehicle up for these injectors and e85 if that's something you're looking into. I also have the injector data and spreadsheets for them available if needed (it took a lot of time to get them dialed in).

Price listed or best offer.