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Add S hook to trunk for grocery bags

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Here is a super simple addition to your trunk that will help keep groceries from rolling around.

Summary: I added some S hooks that can suspend a shopping bag.
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Buy some S hooks. Mine came from the dollar store. 1" hook (so ~2" tall) with what seems to be 1/8" steel, 15 in a bag.
Find a drill motor and bit. The bit should be just larger than the S hook material, and sharp enough to get through sheet steel.
The towel is to collect chips.

Drill a series of holes for the S hook to go through. I used the stamped slots as the "entry" of the S hook, and the drilled hole as the "exit".
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This step is a work in process. The hooks like to come off when the bags are lifted, so I taped around the mouth of the upper S. The tape is not load bearing, so any tape will do (masking is for easy removal)
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And tada! Don't over load the bags.
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Great idea! Another way of doing it would be to just buy some 1-1/2" cup hooks and drill your hole small enough to screw the hook in.
I thought about this but we are dealing with sheet metal, so I wouldn't trust a screw hook like this. The alternative is a threaded hook with a thread for a nut, which would probably be the strongest option.
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