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Adding Navigation and Backup Camera Questions

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Alright, I admit that when it comes to cars I'm definitely more of an engine mod and tuner guy. I'm a noob when it comes to stereos and electronics. I've got a 2012 with the 6 speaker stereo and this head unit.

I'd like to upgrade to navigation and a back up camera. I've read all the threads on here about adding the Cruze navigation system to a non Mylink equipped car. It seems rather intensive to make the conversion. But the nav units are getting pretty reasonable on eBay.

Would I be better off trying to get all the parts to install a stock Cruze nav unit? Or am I better off getting an aftermarket nav equipped head unit and a backup camera?
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Depends on whether you want to look stock - less of a chance of theft etc. or do you want something different.

Updated Quick and Dirty Mylink Upgrade DIY for Gen 1 Cruzes

Replacing MyLink Stereo with Aftermarket
The problem of going third party is you're likely to lose connection to set car options.
My main goal was integrated, OEM looking GPS in my Cruze. I like the tablet idea, but my only desire was GPS so I went this route. 7" Garmin GPS units are still pretty pricey, so I went with a 6" display. 7" display might not fit as well. I think it turned out great! I found my used Garmin Nuvi 2639LMT for $100 shipped on eBay with free lifetime maps & traffic. Some of the Garmins have a backup camera option, so you would want to look for that. I bought the JC Custom relocation kit from a member here for $41.95 shipped. The install was pretty simple. I used automotive 3M double sided sticky tape to hold the GPS unit in place. There was a tiny gap on the top & bottom where the GPS wasn't quite big enough to overlap the bezel, so I added black electrical tape as well. I didn't bother with the rubber strap the kit comes with to help hold the GPS in place. I ran the power cable down along the driver's side to access the power port. The only two down sides I can tell so far are some times I get a bad glare/reflection on the screen which could be fix with an anti-glare screen protector and since the GPS isn't mounted on the windshield, the audio is not as loud at full volume. I placed a piece of plastic behind it to help "rebound" the audio and also added a 2' 5 wire USB extension so I don't have to take the dash apart to update it once a year.

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