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Advice on Strut Bars

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What's up fellow Cruzers, I need some advice on some front and rear strut bars. I have a 2014 2lt auto STOCK, and came upon bad news racing from a fellow member.

My question is, are these worth the price and effort? and If I do install these, is there anything I need to replace or also install to make this mod worth it?

Thanks in advance and any input or suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Welcome to Bad News Racing
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I took mine apart and I know it was a mm size, but I can't remember if it was 24 26 or 28 mm but it was some crazy big size like that. And I had the hardest time getting them tightened back down without holding that bolt in the middle, had to buy an entire pass thru socket set (just for the 1 size socket, nowhere around me sold it alone) and a set of star hex keys so I could hold the hex key in the stud and pull the opposite way of the socket wrench when tightening.......good luck lmao
well that's a pain in the ass... is that what everyone has had to do? I think I found a 24mm on amazon for 10 bucks but it's not a pass through. Wondering if I can fit a star hex through it if it's not attached to the wrench. ugh. I'm embarrassed that I might need to ask the shop to install it for me next time I need an oil change... but it would honestly be more cost effective if I need to buy a whole **** set.
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