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Toyotiac Tune it and you'll never look back except to ask yourself why you didn't do it sooner. : )

I have a 2012 ECO MT. Bought it used with 73k miles. I knew about the tuning before I bought it, but hemmed and hawed about getting it for a year.. Almost rage quit the car many times for its sluggish nature. ESP on low power, hot weather days. NOTE, I test drove it in moderate weather, didn't realize the power hit it would take in the summer...

I did Trifecta Advantage tune around 88k miles. I'm at 96k now. Its a different car, enough so I don't even car about the MPG. Before, I justified the little slug, comforting myself that it got 40mpg. Trifecta did an update that I got a few weeks ago and its even better. I REALLY like the Trifecta being able to switch drive modes, and that its octane adaptable. LOL, not that I ever run anything but 93 in it now. I tried a tank of 87, yep it works, but 93 has more pep so like the MPG, I don't care and run 93 always.

With the basic, for stock, Trifecta I'm seeing 42mpg in stock/eco mode and 35mpg in sport/touring mode. and yes, I drive it harder in sport mode, which is mostly the mode I run in.

To be honest, I still don't love the car, but with the tune I can live with it and be reasonable for a while longer.

Hope this info is helpful if not a little amusing as well.
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