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AFR & LTFT Help?

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So I've been doing some looking around and I've understood the first O2 (upstream) is for A/F and the second O2 (downstream) is essentially for checking if the coverter is working. I've been having a problem with really bad LTFT like down in the -20/-30 percentiles and my car was recently up at the mechanics and he said I was reading 14:1 AFR at WOT I emailed my tuner and he assured me I was not. He sent me a revision tune and I'm still having my problem. So my question comes, will doing the sparkplug non-fouler trick will AFR if I did it to the upstream sensor? In hopes of decreasing LTFT.
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What is the spark plug non-fouler trick?

Have you checked for boost leaks?
Video link for spark plug trick I'm talking about Spark Plug Trick
And no but that is something my tuner has suggested but my mechanic said there were no issues that needed fixed
The 1.4L LUV is extremely sensitive to air leaks. Last year I bought a smoke machine to fix some very small leaks that I couldn't find.
Do you know a way I could test for boost leaks without going out and spending $150+ for the smoke / test machine?
Do you have an air compressor?
Would have to do some looking in the garage, if I remember right I have a old engine style compressor and I think a newer compressor, but I think I do yes.
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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