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So after 3 1/2 years and 91k miles, here is a quick share on my Cruze experience:

While my mileage is likely much higher than the average, I drove between Texas and Virginia multiple times a year to visit family...hence my mileage. And I just finished my cross country trip from Virginia to Washington State. By far, this is the best car I have ever owned. It is also the one I have put the most mileage on. Below I have listed my PROs and CONs through 90k miles:

2014 Cruze LT 6 spd manual; leather, sunroof, RS package
Purchase Price: 21.9k

-Dependability: Never once was stranded
-Economical: I have averaged about 35mpg city driving in Texas and 40mpg highway driving (I find that is changing in Washington...simply too much traffic). Best tank I ever had was 43mpg calculated (not on the dash as it is off by about +1.5mpg)
-Space: In a somewhat small car, after laying the seats down I have fit an amazing amount of stuff in her. Not to mention 8' 2x4's from time to time
-Feel: I always have felt my car to be sporty...even though to others it is not so much. That is fine.
-Leather has held up great...I have cared for it properly with cleaning/conditioning

-3M top end window tint: Highly recommend. Has never faded (which it cannot) and had a lifetime warranty.
-Nothing to comment here...makes the car look completely different than stock. It has saved a ton of heat and wear and tear on the interior.
-Eibach Pro Kit
-Love the kit...but I get on the bump stops way more frequently than my past Eibach kits. Drive and feel is exactly what I would expect
-When I hit about 85k, I upgraded all my front lighting (headlights, fogs, turn signals) since my fogs were shot due to the damage and the headlights were running out of steam. I found great kits from Glad to see the headlights have lifetime warranties from SBL.

-I have had the value cover PCV go bad. Chevy dealer replaced it under warranty. They did a poor job since I developed an oil leak 3 months later. Took it back in...they said it was only from the previous oil change and cleaned it up. I knew better and waited a couple of weeks for it to leak more and took it back. This time I demanded they replace the valve cover gasket which they did and have not had an issue since
-RF fog light stopped working and was replaced under warranty
-Blue Tooth Integration has never been the best. I have come to live with its short comings. I am quite sure it is better on the Gen2. Blue Tooth as a technology has always been challenging to get to work across all product makes/models of devices.
-Fog Light assemblies did not survive. I cannot necessarily blame them. One was impacted by a semi tire tread and the other with a loose 2x4 on the interstate. The left side I was able to remove and do bench repair to. The right side, the screw post was sheered from the bumper. However I was able to repair this as well with my own means.

I recently moved to Washington State and am now holding my water before I purchase a new Cruze. I was somewhat interested in the hatch, but the prices are crazy. So back to the sedan. Unfortunately they do not make my package any more (manual tranny, leather, RS, sunroof.). I will have to buy without the leather and sunroof. Got to have a manual tranny. After purchase, I plan to put in leather and will have to live without the sunroof I suppose.

Love the car...look forward to my new one and someone is gonna get a great second hand Cruze in great condition for its mileage.


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Nice read.

Props for actually getting it in a manual. :bowdown:

After dealing with a manual for 10 years, I was glad I got the Cruze in an automatic. Love mine to death, even "promoted" it to be my daily car from just being an out of town car.

I have about 25k on it, bought it with 105 miles back in 2015. Great gas saver, very comfortable inside and out, looks very stylish and good all around sound system. I didn't get the leather or sunroof. I had those in my Acura and during the summer it was bloody awful. I'm happy with my cloths.

Have yet to have an issue with anything mechanical or electrical (knock on wood). I haven't done anything to it, still looks like it rolled off the dealership lot. Still debating to tint it and add 6k hids.

But yeah this car is amazing.
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