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Nice read.

Props for actually getting it in a manual. :bowdown:

After dealing with a manual for 10 years, I was glad I got the Cruze in an automatic. Love mine to death, even "promoted" it to be my daily car from just being an out of town car.

I have about 25k on it, bought it with 105 miles back in 2015. Great gas saver, very comfortable inside and out, looks very stylish and good all around sound system. I didn't get the leather or sunroof. I had those in my Acura and during the summer it was bloody awful. I'm happy with my cloths.

Have yet to have an issue with anything mechanical or electrical (knock on wood). I haven't done anything to it, still looks like it rolled off the dealership lot. Still debating to tint it and add 6k hids.

But yeah this car is amazing.
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