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After market HU with Factory Screen Issues

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Hello, new to posting on these forums but I often seek out solutions here. I've read a lot of people with a lot of different situations but nothing exactly like what I'm dealing with. So I have a 2011 LTZ with the Pioneer System, no Nav. I bought a HU that would give me Nav and BT Audio Streaming. I have a friend in the business so I had a local shop do the install. They originally did an RP5 module that was supposed to retain everything. Came out with no signal lights, no climate controls, no back up sensors, no factory color screen. Frustrated I was told that nothing would work and I'd need a line converter to keep my subs but no deck. Unhappy with that I seeked out another option. Stumbled across the GMOS-045. Doesn't specifically say that it retains back up sensors but it says it does everything else. I ordered it along with the SWC harness. Had the local shop do the install again. No factory color screen, no voice/call controls on my steering wheel and no back up sensors. I ripped it all apart myself and looked into exactly what was what. After a few hours of trying a few different things I was still unable to get those features functioning. I see a lot of people with working color screens who say they're using the GMOS-044 which doesn't even say it retains the screen. Any specific advice as to how to get my screen working, my audio/call steering wheel button working, and my back up sensors working. From what I can tell, the color screen isn't getting power, the back up sensors I am lost and the SWC I think was just a faulty programming set up. Thanks in advance!!
BTW, I am using a Kenwood DNX771HD deck, the ASWC-1 Steering Wheel Controls and the GMOS-045.
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