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Aftermarket Headlights for 2015

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Just to confirm, 2011-2014 headlights should fit and still work on the 2015 cruze correct? I haven't seen a lot of threads about 2015 custom headlights. I'm thinking about getting these: Spyder® PRO-YD-CCRZ11-DRL-BK (5037916) - Chevy Cruze 2012 Black Halo Projector LED Headlights with DRL which were in my 2011 cruze before being totalled :(

thanks for the help guys and girls!
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Did they say why they wouldn't fit?

I thought 11-15 were all the same so I went on a GM parts website to see and there are two different part #s for years 11-12 and 13-15. Although the diagrams show exact same shape and mounting points.
Yea, the tech guy said they would not fit perfectly and the headlights would not function as intended... I don't know if they are just covering their assess, if he just googled a picture of the car and guessed, or if they actually know..
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