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AGN Battery Date Code 4-6 Months Old, OK to Buy?

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My local Sams Club is changing from Energizer to Duracell branded batteries. They are discounting the Energizer rather than sending them back. I asked a tire guy, and he said they couldn't send back.

I normally are pretty picky with having fresh date codes. They currently have an H7 AGM, one with a date code of Aug 2016 and one actually from Dec 2015. These are selling for $109 with the 3 year warranty.

They also have an H8 for $70. I have not tried getting the store manager to match the H7 to the H8 pricing but it might be possible.

What do I look for in an AGM battery that's been sitting 6 months? I bet they would throw it on the tester if I wanted them to.

Any thoughts on evaluating this deal? Factory battery is going strong at -20F over 5 years old.. I must have gotten the best one of the lot back in 2011 when the car was built.

Does the positive fuse block on the top of the battery need to be removed to snake the H7 in there? I can remove the H5 without doing that by tipping the battery, but that's a lot shorter than the H7.

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I put an H7 in mine, and did not remove the whole block, just removed the one positive cable on top that allowed me to move the block up a little higher to slide battery under it. I would not be afraid of the batteries that they are discontinuing, still get same warranty as one that is new. Are they a pro rata battery like the Everstart Maxx at Walmart? If so, they will have a 3 year free replacement and 2 year pro rata warranty. So essentially a 5 year warranty. That is a good buy on that battery. I paid around $170 or so out the door for mine. Never seen an H8, I don't think an H8 will work in a Cruze. Only three sizes that I know work are H5, 6, and 7.
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