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My daughter's car was stuck in a flooded parking lot today. The car was on a slight slope where the front end was slightly higher than the front. The front of the car had water about 2" above the bottom of the front end air dam, but not high enough to go over the door sill (no standing water in the front floorboards, but about an inch of water in the rear floor boards because of the drain holes). She didn't try to start it until after the water level dropped to where she could drive it out without the front end pushing water. The only problem now with the car is the airbag service message is being displayed on the dashboard. All other electronics are working fine.

I've included a picture that shows the car at the worst stage of flooding.

Are there sensors behind the bumper shroud that could have been damaged by standing water? If so, can they be easily replaced without needed a dealer?
Hello RicM,

I am sorry to hear about the recent concerns regarding your daughter's Cruze. If you would like any assistance into the dealership, please send us a PM our way with the VIN, current mileage, contact information and a preferred dealership. Thanks!

Patsy G
Chevrolet Customer Care
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