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The sensors themselves are sealed but the wiring connectors, although sealed, cannot stop water intrusion if submerged.
Those behind the bumpers are designed to resist water intrusion from road spray.
The odds are the connectors for the seat and belt buckle sensors, located under the carpeting, were submerged (and still are because the jute under the carpets act as a giant sponge)
The carpeting itself is heat sealed on the bottom so you cannot tell how wet it is by feeling the carpeting.
It is heat sealed to prevent the water tracked into the car from going through the carpeting and into the jute.
There are no actual water drains built into the floorboards.....intrusion occured because of immersion of the various overlapping panels that make up the floorboard.

All this gobblygook to point out why it is time to alert your insurance carrier of what occured.
Most likely, the interior must be pulled (seats, carpeting, jute) and all wiring connectors either replaced or cleaned and assemble with a anti corrosive to arrest further damage.

Lat time I pulled jute I had to hang it for almost a week before it finally dried out......your car is corroding as we speak so it is time to take action.....either pull it apart yourself or get it to a shop......I'm more for option 'B' on this one since once all the wiring is squared away a lot of tests must take place to validate the system is functional once again.

Good luck!

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