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Air Conditioner not working. Common issue?

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So my wife's 2012 Cruze has just over 71,000km on it now, so well over the bumper to bumper warranty of 60k, and now the AC stopped working. Mind you she hasn't had too use it since last October when she was still under 60,000km, so something broke during the winter months.

Is the AC breaking on these car's a common issue? Were kind of pissed that we had to spend an extra $3000 just to have a Cruze with AC only to have it fail 3 summers later. And has anyone had any luck getting the dealership or GM themselves to help with the repair? Cause it kinda sucks that it broke during the winter months somehow and now when we need the darn thing its not working.
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Is the AC breaking on these car's a common issue?
What does the outside air temperature say? On the US model, it's part of the radio display. If that's showing freezing weather (like -40), the A/C won't turn on. There's been a few cases of that reported. The sensor is in the left fog light cover. The connector may have gotten unplugged. (And when you fix it, it won't work right away. The car seems to have to think about it. It will suddenly start working hours later.)
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