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The dash dimming is a thing of the past. It quite simply hasn’t happened since my post.

The AC still plays up though. Took a 3 hour drive yesterday. After about 40 minutes it was getting warmer inside the car. I checked the airflow from the vent & it wasn’t cool & may have been slower. I increased the fan speed from 1 to 2 which made it comfortable again.

About 5-10 minutes later it got warmer again. The airflow may have been restricted. I increased the fan speed to 3 which made it comfortable again.

Another 5-10 minutes later it got warmer again so I put the fan to 4. I held my hand over the vent and the airflow was far less than it should be. Also when the fan is on 4 (full) it should be very noisy but wasn’t. However slowly the airflow returned and so did the cool air.

This would now be way too cold & I’d return the fan back to 1.

About 20 minutes later this routine would repeat itself again & again. However after 4 or 5 cycles the cool air wouldn’t return when the fan was on full.

So now I turned off the AC for 5 minutes then turned it back on to 1 and it was working again.

Any ideas?

Thanks again
See if anything is stuck in between cabin filter & the fan.

Maybe the blower motor's going bad, but I can't think of any reason why it would slow down/speed up at will if that was the case.

Just to rule it out as a possibility, and since it is such a common issue here, go ahead and order the new negative cable & replace it. It's priced at at like $15 here.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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