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Air Intake supposed to make this sound?

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EDIT: first of all in not talking about the spooling and blowoff! The spooling isn't quite as high pitched as I thought it would be, however.

Hey guys, bought a Cruze LT manual about a month ago and finally got around to throwing an intake on it for turbo sound. After doing a lot of research I decided to go with the MPFab system.

Anyway the sound I notice happens a at low rpms like when taking off from a stop. It's rumble-y like a Subaru Impreza. Actually, that's pretty much exactly what it sounds like but as soon as I hit ~1500 it's gone. Just sounds smooth and normal.

The engine still accelerates ultra smooth like normal. I'm wondering if maybe the heat shield is moving around. Does the engine vibrate excessively in lower rpms or when slightly "lugging"?

Also, loving the Cruze so far. I traded in a whippled/cammed 2008 mustang and don't miss it at all. The Cruze is a really smooth car and the gas mileage is great. First car with a turbo and I gotta say I like the quick boost vs the linear boost of a supercharger like on the ol mustang. Some LTZ wheels and stereo are next on the agenda.

Thanks fellas
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That sound is normal. My cruze with a typhoon cai does the same thing. I think it has something to do with taking the snorkle and box out.
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