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Hey guys...

Got a few questions for the upcoming months: I'm military (currently deployed) and just got orders to Anchorage, Alaska. I'll be on my way up there almost as soon as I get back stateside (Washington State, to be exact.)

1) Are the emission tests strict? I'm looking into swapping downpipe/midpipe but if they catch the lack of a cat (or two), am I screwed?
Also, intakes and BOV would be in question...

2) Is anyone Cruzin' in Alaska already? I'd be interested in meeting up, upon arrival of course.

Thanks boys, I appreciate the help.

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PM Psychomidgit for those answers or join his threads .. he appears to be from Alaska.

You know that Arnold looked inTo changing the stipulation for President .
He wanted to Become the Presidenator !
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Friend of mine lives in Anchorage and runs his V10 Excursion completely straight piped, and has a plate that says 8 MPG. Wouldn't last two seconds in California, but he doesn't seem to have any problems with it that way. I don't believe they have any inspections, but if you can't find out from psychomidget, I can ask my friend for you.
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