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I posted my build wishlist in the Newbie Forum but thought I'd keep track of my progress here of the modifications to my 2012 Chevy Cruze LTZ.
I'll take as many pics along the way as possible.

Here's the list:

Window Tint
Lip Spoiler
Chrome Fog
Black Bowties
Mud flaps
Plasti-dip black and mod lower mesh grill
Black vinyl the white roof (still debating this)
White vinyl the chrome bar on trunk lid
LED Tail lights

X - Bluetooth A2DB mod (Done)
X - Bluetooth mini ODBII with Torque App (Done)
Display Housing Mod with 7" tablet or my Note2

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Build update #1

The first thing I actually did (not on the list above) was that I removed the dealer stamp. I simply used my wife's blow dryer to heat up the sticker and slowly peeled it off. I then used some goo-gone to remove the remaining sticker residue.

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Build update #2

I got three things in the mail this week: A PDIM from a Camaro, a mini Bluetooth ODBII, and a lower grille from a Cruze RS.

1) PDIM - After a little tedious installation (need small hands) and following the DIY Bluetooth A2DP thread I discovered the module I got from a Camaro (Part #20893388) didn't show the configure audio device option in the menus (right away). The Hardware/Software version was CC/CE and I thought that was the reason for the issue. Only during my installation of the Bluetooth ODBII module did I get the configue option to pair to the PDIM too. The Device was listed as "GMusicConnect" I can now stream music from my phone! Best $35 I've spent. Thanks ebay!

2) Mini Bluetooth ODBII - I got this little guy on ebay too for $10. Plugged it in, scanned for devices on my phone, selected ODBII (pass code 1234). I then downloaded Torque (free version) and selected the ODBII device in the settings menu, and was done! Now I'm going to have to play with the themes and backgrounds. Any suggestions?

3) My third item from ebay was a lower grille from a 2011 Cruze RS. I was planning on just plasti-dipping the lower grille in Smurfenstein's How-To, but I got this for $8.99 and thought I might as well give it a shot and also try Bgerk68's RS Lower Grille install
This will be my first big project to try hopefully this weekend.
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